Our Vision

Jesus’ last words to His followers before leaving the earth was to “make disciples” everywhere they went. Today, as His followers, we have the same command given to us. That is why we have come to the West Valley of Phoenix.

The West Valley is home to more than 827,000 people. Each person is in need of love, hope, and grace. Each person needs the gospel now. Jesus wants each person to become a disciple of His. The Lord has already been working in the desert, preparing the fields. Believe me when I say, “A revival is coming to the Valley.” When? This is in the Lord’s timing, but this is why the Lord has called us here to begin The Edge Church.

The imagery of The Edge Church is about how Christ is impacting our community at the edge of life. Christ reveals Himself to us on the Edge of Crises (Acts 9), the Edge of Brokenness (Luke 18:38), and the Edge of Heaven and Hell (Luke 23:43). 

The Edge Church will exist to lead imperfect people to a growing relationship with the Perfect Savior. The Edge Church will not only impact the West Valley and the whole Valley of the Sun, but we will also have a tremendous global impact. The Edge Church will have a ministry on which the sun will never set. Through our church plant residency program we will become a church planting hub in the west. This will, in turn, lead to planting churches all around the world.

The Edge Church will be part of the Kingdom of God forcefully advancing to take those burdened broken souls who are far from Jesus Christ across the edge into a restored free life where they walk with Him every second of every day.